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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy  (This forms part of Terms and Conditions)

 BBB committed to its protect the privacy of its members. Information such as Name, date of birth, e-mail-id, contact number/s, address, occupation, interests etc are collected and entered in to program to generate delivery of products and sending information for suitable products or choice of user / buyer. The data collected is for the exclusive use of BBB and BBB reserves its right to allow access to its clients for the purposes of on-line shopping only.

All information/content of an individual User and/or Member of the BBB Service, is considered privileged and confidential and shall not be shared with any other members/User, except as per the Terms of Use.  BBB shall not share any information/content posted on this site on the request for the same by another member/User, unless the same is warranted by law.

Achieve Online Services Pvt Limited, the parent company of BBB, shall, time to time, inform members of BBB about all promotional activities done through other sites developed and managed by the parent company, to let them avail the facilities. BBB may send information for products of interest to member / user and may send newsletter.

BBB shall share contact details with logistic & courier team for delivery purpose only.

In case member / user does not will to receive newsletter, information about other sites, information about other products, he/ she is requested contact BBB Team for unsubscribe.