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Real Activ Orange Carrot Juice

Real Activ Orange Carrot Juice
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Model: Real Activ Orange Carrot Juice
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Real Activ Orange Carrot Juice

This is a unique nutritious blend of Oranges & Carrots, rich in antioxidant nutrients- Vitamin C# & Betacarotene#. 1 Glass* of Real Activ Orange Carrot Juice meets 100%^ RDA@ of Betacarotene#. Betacarotene# When converted by the body into Vitamin A# is know to help: 1.Boost immunity 2.Maintain healthy vision 3.Maintain healthy skin
1 Glass* of Real Activ Orange Carrot Juice meets 40%^ RDA@ of Vitamin C#. Vitamin C is an antioxidant nutrient which acts as a shield around the body cells and protects them from Free Radical damage.

Orange Carrot juice - A nutritious powerhouse


Health experts recognize Orange Carrot juice as a 'wonder juice', which brings together the taste and nutrition of orange, with beta-carotene rich carrot juice.
Packed with high amount of antioxidants i.e. Vitamin A, C and E, Orange Carrot juice provides instant rejuvenation to body.
Orange Carrot juice is a delicious and convenient way to include more vitamins and minerals in your diet


Really Nourishing

Carrot Juice is known as a Miracle Juice Carrot juice is a therapeutic agent used for over 150 years as an ancient practice. It is also a valuable "protective" agent in the building and maintenance of health in both children and adults, while its delicious flavour makes it popular with all members of the family as a beverage, plain or combined with other juices. Carrot juice is the often used in most juice therapy programs.

A Healthier Life with Carrot Juice


Carrot juice is the richest source of vitamin A, which the body can easily absorb, and use.
It contains important nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, potassium, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and as mentioned - mostly vitamin A.
Carrot juice contains beta carotene (pro vitamin A), which is very beneficial to the eyes.
Even complexion problems can be eliminated with the intake and digestion of needed potassium in carrot juice to help neutralize excess acid to the skin.
The vitamin A in carrot juice helps the liver flush out problem causing toxins from the body.
Carrot juice helps in improving the quality of milk of nursing mothers since it contains a good supply of calcium, magnesium and iron.
When you drink carrot juice, the beta-carotene is changed into vitamin A by your body, which is important in strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy cell growth. Beta-carotene is also a potent antioxidant and assists the body to fight free radicals.
Carrot juice also contains vitamin E, which studies have linked to the prevention of heart disease and cancer.
Carrot-juice eliminates unwanted uric acid from the blood and is, therefore, very helpful for gout-patients.
It is also regarded as a remedy for gallstone troubles, liver diseases, tuberculosis and scanty menstruation.
It is an effective remedy in ailments like intestinal colic, colitis, appendicitis, peptic ulcer and dyspepsia.
It is beneficial in the treatment of dry and rough skin.


Orange juice is full of nutrition

Packed with goodies like vitamin C, potassium, carotene and lutein, drinking orange juice is a delicious way to boost your immune system, fight colds, lower cholesterol and it is known to reduce the risk of some cancers. It is also a great way to achieve your Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C.

A Healthier Life with Orange Juice


Suitable for all ages and is beneficial in treatment of various diseases.
Orange juices are good for eyes as they contain Vitamin A.
Excellent food in all types of fevers when the digestive power of the body is seriously hampered. It gives energy, increases urinary output, and promotes body resistance against infections, thereby expediting recovery.
Intake of orange juice also improves digestion and increases appetite by stimulating flow of digestive juices.
Orange juice gives relief to pregnant women who suffer from nausea vomiting.
Helps in improving resistance of the body.
In chronic dyspepsia, food is not well digested. It causes putrefaction in the digestive tract, which produces gas. Orange juice helps in eliminating this putrefaction of food in the stomach.
Orange juice renders the intestinal tract uninhabitable for the hostile microbes and improves the intestinal health.
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