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Capsico - Red Pepper Sauce

Capsico - Red Pepper Sauce
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Model: Capsico - Red Pepper Sauce
Manufacturer: DABUR
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Capsico - Red Pepper Sauce

Capsico - Red Pepper Sauce - 60 gms Bottle

Raw Material used
Ingredients Fresh red pepper, vinegar, salt, cumin oil, permitted emulsifying and stabilizing agents
Description Long, slender and thin variety of chillies with rich red colour and characteristic flavour and aroma of red chillies
Sourcing Locations Bihar, Andra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka
Packing Gunny bags

Product Attributes Finished Products
Colour Red
Flavour Natural, characteristic red chilli flavour with cumin note
Consistency Freely flowable

Product Benefits
  • Natural mild characteristic red chilli flavour, with no added artificial flavours
  • Right balance of pungency to give the perfect taste and flavour
  • Maturation in wooden casks for seasons together gives the spicy smooth flavour of red chillies
  • Prepared under hygienic conditions as per International specifications

Suggested Usage
  • Cocktails and mocktails
  • Soups, stews and salads
  • Goes well with Pizzas and lasagnas
  • Light Italian meals and grills
  • Burgers
  • Cheese toasts
  • Tandoori snacks (Chicken tikkas, Kebabs, paneer tikkas, etc.)

Product Yield
Yield 0.5 gms = approx 15 drops of Capsico red pepper sauce
60 gm bottle of Capsico red pepper sauce = approx 125 servings of Virgin Mary (1 serving is equal to 150ml)

Packaging Details
Net Wt./ Pack 60 gms
Portion size 15 drops (approx. 0.5 gms.)
Portions/pack approx 120 servings
Net wt./ Case 2.88 kgs
No. of bottles/case 48 Case
Dimension 352*265*172 mm (I.D.)

Nutrition Facts : (Per 100 gm Derving)
Calories Negligible
Carbohydrates Negligible
Proteins Negligible
Fat Negligible
Calcium 60 mg
Iron 0.5 mg
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