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SAMSUNG WAC K-Series - HD 1.0 Tr 2★

SAMSUNG WAC K-Series - HD 1.0 Tr 2★
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Price: Rs.20,400
Availability: In Stock
Model: AW122KC
Manufacturer: Samsung
Average Rating: Not Rated



The stylish Samsung Window Air Conditioner packs a host of features to meet your every need.

Smart Saver

 Smart Saver
You don't have to worry about your electricity bills when using a Samsung air conditioner. You no longer have to turn off your air conditioner when you feel the room is cool enough and turn it on again when the air is not cool enough in order not to waste electricity.

Save up to 31% on Your Electricity Bill!
In Smart Saver mode, the air conditioner operates automatically in the least speed when the temperature in a room reaches set temperature, which saves electricity. With the Smart Saver, you can stop worrying about your electricity bill and start enjoying cool comfort.


Samsung's Biosleep mode ensures that the most comfortable environmental temperature is maintained for a good night's sleep.

Best temperature for deep sleep
Falling asleep stage
Eases you into sleep by dropping the temperature.
Sound sleep stage
Relaxes your body and raises your temperature slightly.
Wake up stage
Allows you to wake up with comfortable intermittent air and makes you feel refreshed.

UTR Plus™

The UTR (Ultra Tropical Rotary) Plus™ Compressor provides incredibly powerful performance that quickly brings greater comfort even in severely hot weather. The stable operation of UTR Plus™ delivers reliable performance for a long time without any breakdown.
• Works comfortably even at 54°C
• High Performance

Highly-Efficient Motor
The motor of the compressor has been strengthened to provide stable operation even in extremely low voltage. With this powerful motor, the compressor can operate at 70% of rating voltage at 54°C without an external stabiliser.

Long-lasting coolness without breakage
Samsung's UTR Plus™ compressor extends its lifespan by enhancing its welding method with new durable material. You can enjoy the powerful performance of your air conditioner for a longer period of time.

Anti-bacteria Filter

 Anti-bacteria Filter
Samsung's new ion coated Anti-virus filter has been enhanced to be stronger and more effective in removing dust compared to the general pre-filter. The ultra-compact Anti-Virus filter is made with thin filaments,the size of 1/3 the thickness of a single strand of human hair. This ensures effective elimination of microscopic dust particles as well as fungi and unpleasant odours. Samsung keeps the air you breath clean and fresh and your home comfortable.
Samsung Window Air Conditioner AW122KC (1.0Ton) 2 Star
• Anti Bacteria Filter, Temperature Control • Biosleep Mode, Auto Swing, 4 Way Air Direction • Air Ventilation, Remote Control, Washable Grill • Easy to Access Filter, Smart Saver Mode, Timer • 3 Stage Fan/Cool Mode, Dehumidification • Auto Restart, UTR Compressor, Deodorizing Filter
Capacity Model Name Star
1.0 Tr AW122KC 2★
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