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Micromax 20" led TV

Micromax 20" led TV
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Price: Rs.10,990
Availability: In Stock
Model: 20m22
Manufacturer: MICROMAX
Average Rating: Not Rated



Micromax 20" TV

Stand Yes


Wall mount Yes


Power consumption 35 W


Power supply 90-240V, 50-60 Hz


Standby power consumption 1 W


Buying Tip


Electronic products are usually connected to the power source throughout the day and they draw power 24 hours a day, often without the knowledge of the consumer. This power consumption is called 'standby power'.


Audio power output 7 W + 7 W RMS

Number of speakers 2

Sound system Yes


Hdmi Yes

Buying Tip

HDMI is used for high definition connection between digital devices. Used for HDTV, this means improved clarity, faster refresh rate, more colors and less power consumption.

Usb Yes

Buying Tip

USB is a must have in todays world, in order to plug & play various media devices

Head phones Yes

Pc connectivity Yes

Av in Yes



Size 20 inxh

Resolution 1600 X 900

Buying Tip

Resolution is the number of pixels on the display screen which usually quoted as 'width X height' in pixels. Since most TV's come with fixed display panels i.e. Fixed-pixel displays, no matter the resolution of the source material, whether VHS, DVD or HD TV, a fixed-pixel display will always convert, or scale, it to fit its native resolution.

Dynamic contrast ratio 3,000,000:1

Buying Tip

Dynamic Contrast Ratio is usually denoted as a ratio of two values (i.e. 800:1 or 10,000:1, etc.),it means that your display at its brightest level will be 800 or 10,000 times brighter than if the screen was completely dark. The higher the ratio, the better your screen will look when you have the lights off in a room. Currently, no industry standard exists on calculating contrast ratio, so the way each manufacturer calculates its numbers varies.

Comb filter Yes

Buying Tip

A comb filter is needed for the TV to show fine picture detail from analog broadcasts, laserdisk, and other composite sources. It also reduces discolorations in fine picture detail and provides purer color overall. Good comb filters reduce discoloration along vertical edges

Hd Yes

Buying Tip

High-definition television (HDTV) provides improved clarity, faster refresh rate, more colors.

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